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Bluehost Hosting Review

Bluehost Review

I’ve been a paying Bluehost customer since 2018.

So, I’ve been closely monitoring the performance (both average uptime and load time) of their cheapest hosting plan for the last one year. 

The review of Bluehost mainly depends on three factors. 

The first one is the data, the second one is the overall experience with their hosting features, and lastly their customer support. 

In short, all Bluehost plans offer their customers with three different things –

  1. 24/7 live chat support
  2. At least 5 email accounts
  3. Unmetered bandwidth. 

But that’s not all.

Just like many other web hosting providers, they also offer free domain for their first year. 

The best part about using Bluehost is their pricing. Their plans are really inexpensive that start from $2.95/month including SSL certificate, improved security along with backups. 

No doubt, these will help you keep your site secured and protected at all times. 

Overall, the performance of Bluehost is really awesome. When it comes to uptime and load time, Bluehost is surely at the top. Their uptime rate is 99.99% and load time is 406 ms which is pretty fast. 

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons below –

Pros of Using Bluehost

Great Uptime – 99.99% – All through the year

One of the most important things that you need to consider when choosing a web hosting provider is the Uptime. This is really important. 

Because if the website is down, the users won’t be able to access it. 

So by now, you should understand your top priority, which is consistently good uptime. 

I had a chance to review 25 web hosts so far and my benchmark for “excellent” uptime is 99.5%.

You might think it a bit higher, but it’s not like that.

Even 99.5% is slightly below average. 

If you analyze this number, you’ll discover that it indicates 26 minutes of downtime each month and 5 hours of downtime in a year. Crazy, right?

If you’ve an ecommerce store with huge selling, then 26 minutes downtime per month is a huge loss. 

Therefore, it’s ideal to see not anything less than 99.5%.

However, the best part is Bluehost easily surpasses this benchmark. This web hosting is pretty much comfortable keeping your website live for 99.99% of the time. 

Amazing Website “Load” Speed

In one of the reports, Google mentioned that a vast majority of mobile sites are quite slow. 

That’s an issue for two vital reasons. 

Have you heard about Google-mobile index? 

Basically, Google makes use of the mobile version of content in order to index and rank. Because most people these days do a Google search from their mobile devices. And since Google always tries to provide their searchers with the best results, it considers how your website is displayed on devices other than desktop/laptop. 

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So mobile-first indexing has the great ability to elevate or hide your website from the potential searchers based on the load time. Studies have demonstrated that pages with slow loading time lead to poor sales. 

Therefore, after uptime the second most crucial thing that you have to consider before choosing a web host is page loading time. It can certainly take your site to the next level or break its performance. 

I’ve been closely monitoring the performance of Bluehost by utilizing a third – party tool named Pingdom. And the results were pretty satisfactory. 

I found their average page loading speed of 406 ms which makes them the fourth fastest site I’ve tested. 

Inexpensive Introductory Pricing

I’ll discuss about the pricing in a later section of this blog. 

However, you’ll surely be glad to learn about the introductory pricing of Bluehost. 

It’s $2.95/month. 

But that’s not the best part.

The best part is, for that price you’ll get almost everything you need to get started with your website. 

For example, you’ll get free SSL, free domain name for the first year, 24/7 customer support, quick WordPress installation and so on. 

So needless to say, it’s a pretty good value for that price. Also, don’t forget about their fastest loading speed and consistent uptime. 

To be very honest, this is the cheapest rate I’ve seen online so far. 

Great Security Options

Although Bluehost is considered as one of the “affordable” hosting options on the market, I have been satisfied to notice that they do not cut plenty of corners or pauperize on vital factors like security. 

Bluehost offers plenty of excellent security options by defaults. Free SSL is one of them which I mentioned earlier in this guide. 

But here comes the best part. 

All of their plans include a domain privacy feature. It will help you keep all your personal information you used to register or sign up for a domain private. Therefore, hackers won’t be able to find and use your personal details for phishing.

In addition to that, Bluehost security options feature SiteLock that will prevent your website from serious malware attack. It’s quite common for sites built with WordPress. Besides, CodeGuard is the other type of protection that provides day-to-day backup and allow you to roll back past versions of your website if it doesn’t get hacked. 

Last but not least is Postini, which offers spam protection for your email. 

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So to sum up, Bluehost offers a great security package that will keep your website safe and secure at all times. 

Integrations, Apps & Other Features

Apart from the security packages. Bluehost also offers access to a large number of various integrations and apps to help you use the widely famous services on the web. 

Bluehost allows you to install wordpress with a single click. 

Beyond that, it lets you install other content management systems as well, like Joomla, Drupal and so on. 

You can also run an ecommerce store quite smoothly as you won’t have any troubles with uptime and load time. 

Lastly, it provides CND facilities where you can easily host your image along with big files. 

Official WordPress.org Suggested Host

Any idea about the most widely used content management platform on the market?

The answer is pretty simple, which is WordPress. 

The best part?

WordPress officially recommended three hosting partners to use their site –

  1. BlueHost
  2. SiteGround
  3. DreamHost

Awesome, right?

Simple to Use (especially for beginners)

I’ve seen a few of the web hosts that are only suitable for the advanced users. 

LiquidWeb, as an example, is pretty awesome if you know what you’re gonna do. 

But if you’re a non-technical, it would be really difficult for you to cope up with their user-interface.

You’d have a hard time getting your website live. 

The layout of Bluehost cPanel is plain and easy. It’s simple to use for anyone. 

Bluehost also has features for their advanced users. But if you’re a beginner, you can easily install and startup WP as well. 

You can also use Bluehost website builder to help you get started with a template which you can easily customize. 

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Having an awesome deal on web host generally shows prepaying for several months, a year or a few years at a time. 

However, one of the best reasons to choose Bluehost is their 30-days money-back guarantee. 

Therefore, you can ask for a refund if you’re not fully satisfied. 

So try it out!

However, still there are a few things to remember –

  1. Refund can be made on the web hosting cost. However, you won’t get the refund for any other cost like add-ons or domain name. 
  2. Any request after 30 days won’t be accepted.
  3. If you receive a free domain name under the plan you use, you will be deducted with a fee of $15.99

Customer Support

In case you face any trouble with setup or installation, you’ll get a complete support from their knowledgebase, email ticket support, live chat and even phone support.Although I found a little delays between each reply, the support executive was really friendly and provided direct answer to every single question I asked. No doubt, it was an awesome experience. 

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Cons of Using Bluehost

Expensive Renewal Rates

It’s actually quite common for web hosting industries.

What’s the best way to get the lowest possible price for hosting?

Of course, if you prepay for 1, 2 or even 3 years in advance. 

While it’s true that the monthly fee is low, but if you are planning to prepay for quite a long time, like several years, then you have to pay a few hundred dollars. 

But as soon as your introductory period expires, you’ll imposed a higher renewal rates. You can easily avoid it by prepaying for a full 3 years at $2.95

Site Migrations are Not Free

I’ve seen many web hosting providers love to move existing websites over to their service at free of cost. This is just to satisfy their customers.

But quite unfortunately, Bluehost doesn’t provide such support. 

They have an offer at $149.99 which will allow you to migrate 5 sites. 

Beyond that, you’ll also be provided with 20 email accounts, and any other database file for the sites. 

The thing is that, you have to pay for it. And paying that “large amount” is a con I believe. 

Pricing, Plan & Facts

Bluehost Basic Plan –

  • Starts at $2.95/month

The Plus Plan –

  • The cost of this plan increases to $5.95/month which is actually similar to the Choice Plus plan and come up with SSD storage, unlimited websites and bandwidth. You’ll also be allowed to manage parked domain, unlimited domains and subdomains at the same time. 

The Pro Plan –

  • It started at $13.95/month with all of these marvellous features. 


  • Free domain for the first year and then renews at $15.99/month
  • The sign up process is quite easy. It’s a two-page sign up process
  • Payment can only be made through PayPal and major credit cards
  • Provide easy-to-use cPanel
  • You won’t get any refund for domain names
  • Instant activation process
  • Quick installation of wordpress, joomla, drupa, ecommerce etc.
  • Recommended by WordPress.org

And that’s pretty much all about Bluehost.

Final Verdict

I definitely recommend Bluehost.


It has ranked top for its uptime and loading speed.

It has the best introductory rate.

It has the most helpful customer support along with a money-back guarantee.

You can install plenty of apps and other features.

On the flip side, renewal rate is higher once your introductory limit gets expired. 

In addition to that, they charge extra for website migration.

But overall, Bluehost provides great value with effective, long-lasting performance.

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