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In online shopping, it is very easy to find a wide range of products and it’s also a quick way to find products. It saves our time from roaming here and there in the market. We measure various segments while writing review. Through online shopping nowadays it is easier to compare and find cheaper products. It provides access to a wider range of products with some great deals of discount. Because of online shopping, we can now also locate some products which are rare in the markets nearby. It also supports e-businesses which further plays an important role in the economic growth of the country.

In a world where e-commerce is everything, it is understandable that many will do anything possible to get a reliable brand to purchase from. That is where Daraz comes into the picture. It is one of the most reliable online shopping platforms in Bangladesh and it has millions of products on offer.


Sheer Diversity: With Daraz, a customer is sure of getting the best of items and products as there are countless options to choose from. For example, there are home appliances, electronics and household products like refrigerators, washing machines, generators, UPS batteries, heaters, deep freezers, air conditioners, DSLR cameras and so much more. It also has very attractive offers from official brands like Apple, Xiaomi, Nokia, Samsung, and others. we are pretty sure to find what you want we understand while writing review

Apart from electronics, Daraz is also a very big name when it comes to fashion. They have the latest and trendy fashion items that can ensure that a user will never be out of date every day of the year. There are also several fashion brands on offer at Daraz and these include Noir, Yellow, Texmart, Apex, Ecstasy and so many others.

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Women will also find Daraz to be particularly impressive. There are high-quality clothes available in traditional and Western designs. Making a selection is as easy as a single click on the screen.

Ease of Purchase: Now, it is understandable that making purchases online for most people today is by using credit or debit cards. However, there are some other buyers that do not have these cards. For such a category of people, Daraz is the perfect answer. On Daraz, a purchase is easy whether the customer has a card or not. This is because there is also the option of cash on delivery so you do not have to bother if you do not have a card.

Another technique that Daraz has launched to make life a lot easier for their buyers is via the launch of the Daraz mobile application. With the application, it becomes for anyone to check all available products, select from the best-selling products, check the major categories and brands, make purchases and keep a tab on all the transactions. In fact, the mobile application is so sophisticated that you can personalize your products and customize your online shopping experience. The application is available on Android and iOS platforms thus making sure that virtually all the customers can benefit from it.

Customer Care: If there is anything that sets Daraz aside from others, then it will be its outstanding customer care service. The brand has a team of highly-experienced hands and intelligent staffers who are always on hand to assist. Daraz makes it pretty clear that its main aim is always making sure that the customer has an overall positive experience when shopping on their platform. On the website itself, there is an elaborate help center that caters to the various needs of all categories of clients.

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Prompt Delivery: Either you buy your groceries, cosmetics, electronics, frozen foods or snacks from Daraz, one thing you can be sure of is very swift delivery to your doorstep. There are no delays of any kind and you can expect your products exactly when it has been estimated to arrive. You can also track all your orders and see the status from time to time.

Unbeatable Deals and Offers: Daraz regularly showcases its promotional offers and several products with discounts. There are very generous discounts for all the buyers and Daraz is never short of these pocket-friendly deals. There is a section on the mobile application where all the latest offers are published so any interested buyer can take advantage of them.

Favorable Return and Refund Policy: If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product that you have purchased, you can return it and get your refund. Daraz makes this very easy as all the client needs to do is to fill a form on the website and Daraz will process the rest.

Warranty Policy: The products from Daraz come with a brand warranty or service warranty. The details of the warranty terms are also provided for each product on its page. Daraz is always on hand to ensure that all the terms of the warranty are adhered to, all in favor of the shopper. For example, with a service warranty, Daraz takes the responsibility to assist the buyer get the best offer.


There is no live chat feature for shoppers. This could be improved for better customer service, and also a better interface can really help things to be better.

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Final Verdict

Daraz is an excellent choice for shoppers in Bangladesh and neighboring countries. Everyone these days has restless thumbs constantly scrolling over their screens finding that perfect outfit to match their festivities and mood, isn’t it? Now the question is why wouldn’t they? Where else can you find such a huge variety of products with reviews on it by other users?  

But because online shopping has such a major role to play in everyone’s life these days, you should very well know the pros and cons of it. Once you are sure, about how good Daraz is you will not look anywhere else. There are lots of shoppers every day getting on the website and are loving it completely. Daily new products are added, which makes it a very attractive choice for everyone. We measure various segments while writing review. Hopefully, you might love the review

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