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HostGator Hosting Review

About HostGator

HostGator was founded in the year 2002 by Brent Oxley who was a student at Florida Atlantic University. It had continuously achieved growth year after year, ever since it has started. Among the most popular hosting companies, HostGator is one of the best web hosting services providing company which provides the cheap web hosting services in India as well as in US along with the best support. Earlier, it’s office was only in Houston, Texas, but now it has offices all over the world. It currently hosts 9 million websites. 

It provides all the web hosting and its related services as well it provide you the needed solace in terms of all the services. They feel that your business is really pivotal for you and so they provide you all the services at its best. It provides all the services like dedicated hosting services, Shared hosting service, Reseller hosting service as well as virtual private server. They also provide their customers purchasing the domain name for their website. You can avail their promo code as well as attractive coupon codes.

Pros of HostGator Web Hosting

It has too many best things when it comes to pros, I have listed a few main points which you should definitely consider and those points are as under:

Reliable service provider

When it comes to the service, arises a matter of trust. Trust is dependent on lots of factors and the one among those is the services which they provide. I believe in selecting the company who is genuine in terms of providing the best services. From the reviews as well as personal experience, we can say that this is the reliable services providing company. What they promise is what they deliver and if still anything remains, they solve it without wasting time and at last provide you with the outstanding results.

  • Services at affordable prices

Price is the term which we cannot resist thinking about, the higher the price the more expectations we build and when we go with HostGator web hosting, we come to know that their services are truly affordable. You can avail them at cheaper prices as compared to the market rates. You will save and get the same services at best.

  • It is very good for your WordPress

HostGator is very good when it comes to WordPress. Whatever you need as well as what specific your requirements are, they are really very keen on solving the same with the outstanding solutions. They are having a large number of resources that are necessary for the installation of WordPress.

  • HostGator is very easy to use

Having a plethora of options make the HostGator user-friendly. They are not as their sister brand, but they deter you from learning too many things and makes the task simple for understanding all the things. The site’s opening system as well as getting all the access in just very few steps is all which everyone desires and it is a good point that HostGator has this all for you.

  • No hidden costs and not high renewal prices
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“Charge what you state”. This is not being practiced by all companies. Many companies increase the charges once you started with them as well as many companies increase the same at the time of renewal. This is really a wrong practice so we have considered this factor while studying the best part of HostGator and we come to know that they are not alike others in hidden charges. So you are free to avail of their services, you will never be charged with hidden charges as well as you are saved from paying the higher renewal prices.

  • They provide you the best Security

Why compromise with the security when you can avail of the best features? HostGator knows all the best steps to make your server fully safe and secure. Your servers are secure as HostGator is protected from DDoS attacks. They are very excellent in providing all the necessary precautions as well as providing the additional server security for your best safety. It also recommends a number of different actions so that you can be more and more secure.

  • Free website transfer assistance

It offers free content migration to the new customers as well as the customers who need or require a server move. You can transfer your domain name registration to HostGator and you can easily manage your domain name with just one company which further saves you extra time. 

  • It has more than one Support Channel

Only a single support channel doesn’t prove fruitful to its customers all the time so consider this point into account, HostGator offers a ton of different support channels. Not only from the phone, but you will get the support 24/7/365 through email, chat as well as through social media. They provide complete support through all these means, they maybe take time to answer but in the end, they provide the best support.

  • Uptime

Uptime – the factor completely responsible for the bouncing of the customers is given complete attention by the HostGator. They understand the desires of whopping sales of their clients and provide 99.9% uptime. They deter you from losing your revenue and your business will be earning well all the time without any offline day. The more perfect the site is, the more customers are going to stay and HostGator knows this very well.

Cons of HostGator web hosting

  • They provide fewer Goodies as compared to the other companies

Hosting companies provide too much cool stuff such as ad credits and coupons while this is not the case with HostGator. HostGator provides the customers with $100 in the Google Ads credit as well as it also provides a guarantee of 45 days along with a wide range of software.

  • Slow support

As aforementioned, it provides the best support through all the modes, but when it comes to speedy support, they fail. They are slow in providing you the support. So you will need patience for that.

Features of HostGator

  • Full CPanel Support
  • Easy Sign Up Process
  • With every web hosting plan it provides the free SSL certificates
  • WordPress Compatibility

Full cPanel Support 

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It is available in Linux Hosting Plans. You will get one username as per the cPanel. With the help of cPanel you can add the domain names or remove the same from your hosting account very easily. You can also manage your site as well as manage your wordpress data with cPanel. 

With every web hosting plan it provides the free SSL certificates

SSL certificates are now mandatory for Google. Sites secure with the http version is given more importance by google. Your site gets secure with the certificate and the best part is HostGator is providing this certificate. 

Easy Sign Up Process

The Sign Up process of HostGator is very fast as well as very much easy. You will have to select the package and then you will have to enter the domain name you wish to select, decide the purchase domain and then you will have to confirm the desired package. All the process is very user friendly and you will be able to do easily.

Unlimited Email Addresses

HostGator provide you the facility of setting up as many email as you want after purchasing their domain. You are free to your desire, so set up as many as you want. 

WordPress Compatibility

If you have the site in WordPress and you want to move the same to HostGator, it has special migration tool for that. They offer shopping carts, free templates, Wiki as well as CMS. 

45-day money-back guarantee

Generally the money back industry norm of all the companies is 30 days, but HostGator provides with 45 days money back guarantee. If you purchased a hosting plan and after your trial, it doesn’t go good, then you will be able to get the refund if canceled within the promised period and this is the best part for everbody.

Services of HostGator

HostGator is providing services in India as well as the US. You can select the location to avail of the services based on your location. You can create your cPanel account on HostGator by watching the video on Youtube. 

Linux Web Hosting

Under this Linux Hosting, they have different plans such as:

  • Starter 
  • Hatchling
  • Baby
  • Business

If you will go with any of the above plans you will experience very light as well as the best functioning of your website, one-click script install, and powerful control panel. 

Linux Reseller Hosting

The packages under Linux Reseller Hosting are as under:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Gold


There are changes in the Disk space, Bandwith as well as the cPanel with the different plans. 

Powerful Linux VPS Hosting

The plans under Powerful Linux VPS Hosting are:

Snappy 2000

Snappy 4000

Snappy 6000

Snappy 8000

CPU, RAM, Diskspace as well as bandwidth changes with the different plans.

Application Hosting

It has just two plans: Starter and Cloud

With these plans you can do Magento Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Wiki Hosting as well as PhpBB hosting.

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Managed Dedicated Servers

Under Managed Dedicated Servers, there are four different plans: Basic, Standard, Elite, and pro. They will provide you the best technical support as well as the timely backup in this. 

The pricing structure of HostGator 

The price should generally be not very high as well as not very low, so it should be reasonable. HostGator is best when you wish to get the best prices. For your better understanding, the price structure is described as under:

For .COM

You can register your Domain Name with this plan at just RS.699/year. You will avail of two free email accounts, easy to use control panel as well as Domain theft protection at this low price.

For Shared Hosting

If you want the basic Web Hosting for the Beginners, the plan is starting just at Rs.99/month. You can avail of professional email hosting, one script installs as well as unmetered bandwidth at a much lower price.

WordPress Hosting

For the Optimization of WordPress sites, the package starts at RS.249/month and it includes 2x speed, superior performance, Pre-installed Jetpack plugin.

For your knowledge, these plans are explained with the features as well as the same way they have too many other plans. 

Support of HostGator

They provide the best support from two support portals. The two support portals of HostGator are as under:

  • Customer Portal
  • Support Portal

It has the facility of providing you the support through the articles as well as through the video tutorials. If you get confused at any point, you can read their articles which are 680+ as well as you can also watch video tutorials. They have more than 500 video tutorials to help you out. They have Exceptional services providers who are available for all the customers.

The CEO of HostGator personally guarantees the support as well as he responds to the tickets personally if any problem arises. They have a team which is available for the constant support and that also 24/7. Whenever you will log in, you will get your support tickets and you can easily avail your support with the same.

What is the conclusion in the end It’s been more than a decade since HostGator is serving it’s clients successfully and we can assure you that whenever you need smooth operations, reliable services, best support, they are a perfect fit for all your criteria. HostGator is exceptionally good in providing all the web hosting services at the rates which will not be heavy on your pockets. In terms of providing the best fruitful results they are  well versed with all the enriched features needed. Their outstanding support as well as excellent services, they stand out and thought as the best to select for getting reliable services. With the survey it is clear that one can go with their services for all your needs and we are sure you will never fell cheated on any grounds. 

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