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Hostinger Hosting review

Hostinger was created in Lithuania in 2004 and since then the company is providing the tools which allow the users to create a website for free. Hostinger has become an international brand and it has been in the market for the last 15 years, which is the best fit for small businesses if they need their website builder. The company has expanded to outstanding levels and now it’s global presence has also increased. We are going to write today about hostinger hosting review.

Hostinger is serving 29 million customers in 178 countries. If you will see their data of new customers sign up, they regularly get about 15000 new customers per day. Hostinger is one of the biggest as well as a reliable Web Hosting services provider. The company is having a multitude of tools as well as useful features for the creation of your website.

Well, the introduction part ends now we talk about major and core parts that we found while writing our investigation Hostinger hosting review Hostinger provides customers an array of free services and useful plans which are suitable for small businesses also. Email hosting, Unlimited bandwidth, Cpanel reseller hosting and a multitude of reliable services are offered by them. They are well versed with a number of features to consider them for availing the services, as well as the number of reasons to select them, are depicted as under:

Pros of Hostinger we found on writing Hostinger Hosting review

99.9% uptime guarantee

If your site is down or absent for one day, if it is not active on the internet then it is going to lose the sales as well as it will also lack behind on the Google rankings which are really a bad thing for the best selling websites. To deter this situation, Hostinger has come up with the best services which lead to 99.9% uptime of your website. 

Faster loading along with the best performance

We have performed the test to check their performance of speed as well as load time and we are surprised that in spite of the fact they have 29 million users to support their results of load times as well as with uptime is great to consider. What they say is what they deliver when it comes to fast loading. 

Hostinger offers you the instructions if you want to optimize your pages for the speed as well as Hostinger is having the cache manager and because of that the load time gets reduced and its performance gets improved to a lot. They claim that they reduce the load time and we found that we can trust them for that. 

Storage, Bandwidth and Email – All are Unlimited

  • Unlimited SSD Storage
    Storage is the crucial aspect of the website which one consider and if the website is having limited storage then it is going to affect the performance. To provide you with the best performance Hostinger offers its users unlimited SSD storage which will be effective for increasing your SSD speed as well as providing you the effective performance.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
    Traffic increases on your website during the holidays as well as during the festival seasons and it is not possible to go and find the solution at that time when it is more important to concentrate on the sales, so if you go with the Hostinger premium then they will provide you with the unlimited Bandwidth. Now you don’t have to worry about the users and get them as many as you want and that also very easily. 
  • Unlimited Email
    The cost of the email services is an add on for the small business and with Hostinger you can get these costs reduced as it provides you with unlimited email addresses.
  • cPanel
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Hostinger doesn’t use the cPanel of other hosting companies, they have developed their own custom control panel and this is available with all of their Web Hosting plans. This makes customers flexible.

  • Hostinger is really FAST

Hostinger provides all the speedy services. It has a fast-loading cache manager. It provides blazing speedy services. Your website will experience amazing results. 

  • Python support

With their shared hosting packages, they don’t offer you Python support while if you go with their VPS plans you will get the Python support. 

  • Dedicated Resources

With all of their hosting plans, Hostinger promises certain CPU and RAM power. It is always difficult to tell how well such precise resource management is implemented, but seeing an effort to dedicate certain computational power to each user is always nice.

  • Website Builder

Hostinger has all the tools for building your website easily. Their site-building tools are available with all their plans and they also have a drag-and-drop interface which makes it easy for creating a web page by your side.

Cons of Hostinger we found on writing Hostinger Hosting review

No daily backup

While the other web hosting companies provide the daily backup of your website, Hostinger does not provide you the daily backup. Backup enables you to stay free in terms of any loss of data from your side so this is sad to know that Hostinger does not have the backup facility. 

No free SSL

SSL certificates are needed on all web browsers like Google or others. It doesn’t provide the free SSL certificate with all the plans, but it only provides SSL with the highest plans among the three plans.

Features of Hostinger

Business-friendly Features

All the plans of Hostinger are designed in such a manner that they become advantageous to all types of businesses. A lot of free features are included in their hosting plans and some of the features of their plans are as under:

Essential features for business owners

  • A free Domain name for one year
  • Cloudflare protection
  • Daily backups for your website
  • A 24/7 dedicated support team

Money-Back and refund policy

If money-back is an option with any services that means they are not going to cheat you from any grounds and Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try out their plans and if those plans don’t go smoothly with you then you have the facility to cancel them anytime and that will not charge you from your side.

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If you cancel the plan within 30 days, then you will receive a complete refund of all the money you have paid. 

24/7 technical support and reliable services

Hostinger’s support and customer service offerings are hit-and-miss.

Hostinger doesn’t offer onboarding services to new users, but the company has provided an informative getting started guide. A support system is needed by everyone. Hostinger has a good support system. 

You can view the knowledgebase and read it by clicking ‘Help’ on Hostinger’s Control Panel. All the best topics are stated there like how to get started, Email, Domains as well as billing, you can see all the articles there and you will find the necessary help theirs. They also have a simple FAQ page, like your question will have the short as well as the perfect answer.


If you will go with Hostinger, you will get the full support for the Cloudflare’s CDNs no matter whichever package you select. With Hostinger you can also sign up for the free option with Cloudflare and you can integrate the same with your hosting environment. Your files will now take less time as well as the loading time of your website will also get reduced. 

Pricing and Payment Methods

You will be having various options for selecting the plans at different prices. They have the option to select the plans starting from the four months and up to four years’ plans. If you will go with the Hostinger basic single plan, it starts with $0.80 per month and this plan is enriched with a number of features.

This plan includes 100 GB bandwidth, over 1-click installations, multiple PHP versions as well as weekly backups. The other plan that starts with $3.45 per month is the business hosting plan and that plan includes unlimited email accounts, free SSL certificates, and much more advanced features.  

All the shared hosting plans are a perfect fit if you are on a tight budget and the company is also having the cloud options with the best market prices. They also have the plan starting at just $7.45 per month which is the StartUp cloud plan and that plan includes unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited websites and free domain registration for one year. 

The last is the cloud enterprise plan which starts at $27.45 and in this plan, you will have 12GB RAM, 160 GB storage. VPS hosting is also available from a price range of $3.95 to $29.95 monthly.

Services of Hostinger

Shared Hosting Plans & Pricing

Under Hostinger you will get three hosting plans with the best services and they are Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting. Hostinger offers you all the plans with a 30-Day Free trial so that you can test out their services risk-free and then go with them if you feel satisfied.

With Single Web Hosting, you will get the basic features, while the premium and business hosting plans have a multitude of features such as unlimited bandwidth and unlimited SSD disk space. You can avail of 5x processing power and a free SSL certificate.

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 VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

In Hostinger’s VPS hosting, they have 6 plans in total. They have Plan 1 to Plan 6 in VPS Hosting. Hostinger cloud VPS is having a mesmerizing fast speed which is 30x faster than the speed of other normal shared hosting services. 

You will get 100 MB/s Network, IPv6 Support and SSD drives with all of their Cloud VPS services. If you will go with their Plan 6, you can avail 6000GB bandwidth, 8GB Ram, 14.4CPUs and 160GB disk space so that any of your websites will run at its best.

Domain Registration

This service enables you to register your domain name. They have listed the tips for you to find the domain name with the domain checker. They have 10 steps to follow. You can register with .com, .in, .xyz, as well as online.

Website Building

Hostinger offers you the feature of building websites in lesser time. They are very quick in providing you the website with the best features and functionalities. They have hundreds of ready to use templates and you can easily customize as well as change those templates as per your choice. You will be having your website with 

  • Free Domain
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Designer Made Templates
  • 24/7 customer support

WordPress Hosting

Hostinger offers you WordPress Hosting with just 1-click installation and with the guaranteed uptime as well. It has the regularly shared hosting range, with all the WordPress features fully emphasized.

Hostinger offers WordPress performance ‘through the use of HTTP/2, PHP7.1, NGINX, and custom-built, pre-installed caching WordPress plugins’. You can avail the best loading speeds with all these plans.

In WordPress Hosting, they have three different plans and they are as under:

Single WordPress Hosting

Premium WordPress Hosting

Business WordPress Hosting

Their WordPress hosting service is not a dime a dozen as it offers you many talented developers who are expert with CMS, with user-friendly as well as beginner-friendly features

Cloud Hosting Plans

It has different plans which come under Cloud Hosting and they are as under:

Startup – It has 40 GB space with 2.93 GB RAM at a price of just $7.45.

Professional – It has 80 GB space with 5.86 GB RAM at a price of just $14.95.

Enterprise – It has 160 GB space with 11.72 GB RAM at a price of just $27.45.


All the essential features, all the required services for the business, powerful hosting, best affordable prices, outstanding uptime, and 24/7 customer support – all the things a reliable Web hosting company should have is included in the Hostinger Web Hosting Company’s Services. All the occasional downtimes are solved by them very quickly as well as effectively. 

You can read their ratings as well as reviews, from them we concluded that they respond very speedy and without any bias, they are the right fit to avail the hosting services. Hope you enjoy our hostinger hosting review

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