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Inmotion Hosting Review

Inmotion is enhancing growth potential through its reliable services. All the Essential web hosting service features can be found in them. Inmotion is proffering fruitful plans—VPS, web hosting(shared and dedicated servers). When coming to the services, they are up to the point as well as they are CNET Certified which is an added benefit. It is a 24/7 US Based company which is providing round the clock support. 

Not only fast and reliable services, but the best part is that they offer cheap reseller hosting services that are not heavy on pocket. Inmotion is well versed with High-Performance Dedicated Servers, Freelancer Web Hosting Solutions, Dedicated and most secure WordPress Hosting, clean and crisp custom one-page websites.  


  • The company offers various types of hosting plans that suit everyone. 
  • The price for the hosting services is not heavy on the pocket. The company offers the best competitive prices in the hosting field.
  • On-time delivery with quality work and effective services along with the Live 24/7 Support.
  • The company offers reliable and trustworthy hosting services.
  • They are having expertise in creating fast servers and secure hosting.
  • The starting package they offer is just $6.39/month.
  • They deter your online website from being slow and taking too much load time. 
  • They provide a 99.9% uptime rate covering all the aspects for you and your customers.


  •  The servers are not located in many places, so the speed might fluctuate at other places. 
  • Some of their services are expensive also which will cost you more.

Inmotion’s Hosting Plans for catering to all your needs

  • WordPress Hosting

You should be having different hosting needs than others. Before considering any WordPress services, the first you will have to evaluate as well as frame your needs. The WordPress service you avail from them will be delivered to you from the staff having a highend WordPress experience. The best plans for the WordPress hosting service is what they have executed at its best. Inmotion also provide free building of the website with WordPress pre-installed. They have a friendly support team for managing your WordPress hosting 24/7.

  • VPS Hosting
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Virtual Private Server is known as VPS hosting. When the shared hosting is not just sufficient for you now, you move to the VPS hosting and for availing this service also, I found out that Inmotion is the best. They provide super speedy as well as complete reliable VPS hosting services to all the buyers. They have two different plans in VPS hosting services and they are:

Managed VPS hosting

Self-managed cloud hosting

Both the above plans are priced differently, it depends on the buyer which plan he is going to select as per his requirement as well as needs. 

  • Dedicated Servers

Inmotion provides fully customizable high performance dedicated servers. Large RAM, best storage options as well as custom solutions for the best servers are all which they provide if you go for their Dedicated Servers Service. All the customized requirements are met by them with their best and perfect solutions. 

  • Business Hosting

 The attractive part which they offer in this service is that they include a free domain name worth $15.99. All the different plans made up in this hosting are all for catering to all the needs. 

  • Completely rely on Inmotion

We have taken the company’s Web Hosting Service and because of it’s dedicated hosting plans are highly customizable as well as flexible, it makes me sit and relax without any effort from my side. All the work by their team starts immediately and the services are not dime a dozen like other companies. While going with the hosting services, there are chances that like me, you also love the customizations which require flexibility. They provide you with the hosting services which suit almost everybody’s needs and requirements. As many customizations you need as many you will get. They are having the technology geeks for the best as well as reliable services.

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All the plans are made in such a manner that it makes easy to get started. Whether for migration, building the website or for launching the website, all of their services are highly recommended. They provide quick Cpanel set up for everyone. 

They are professionals having deep knowledge of all the services which they are providing so that when you rely on them, you will be confident too. 

  • Pricing

Like all the other persons, I am also the one who considers the cost factor at the top. But Inmotion has satisfied me with that also. They have framed the best pricing strategies for the customers. For shared hosting, they have the two years plan at $6.39 per month while the 1-year plan, they have for $7.46 per month. They provide the free domain along with two websites, Bandwith, Email, Free SSL and unlimited disk space. 

For the small business, they have a power plan at an amazing price of $9.56 per month. The 2-year price is $8.49 per month and they provide free domain along with the 6 websites as well as unlimited disk space.

The prices they have are very reasonable to opt for.

  • Load Times and Reliability

As we all know that we take the hosting service for the best reliability. Inmotion has worked with a whopping number of websites for increasing the load time. The bounce rate of the website lowers down and the reason is 99.9% uptime rate. In terms of technical support, one can completely rely on Inmotion. Their technical support will be the cream on your cake. 

Inmotion always stands out in the loading time. Making sure that it doesn’t overload its server, they offer world-class services.

  • Features

Inmotion has myriad reasons to select and one of them is their features. It has all the hosting features like SSD hosting, Shared cPanel hosting, eCommerce hosting, Woocommerce WordPress, Ruby hosting, as well as all the other hosting tools such as WordPress, Joomla, cPanel, Prestashop, and Magento. They have the fast reliable as well as upgraded hosting systems like Shared business hosting, website creator, Managed VPS Hosting, Cloud VPS, Dedicated Server Hosting, Enterprise Hosting, Solutions, Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Managed Hosting, Domain name, Web Design Services, and others.   

  • Customer Service
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Inmotion deters you from being detached to the services which you bought. They provide the best and outstanding customer service, as well as all the solutions they provide, are feasible, still, they have the customer service to solve all your problems quickly as well as effectively. The complete support from their side is the factor that is responsible greatly for the growth of the business. 

The Inmotion hosting is always online with Live 24/7 Support. They are the quick queries resolver. They turn around the tables without your too much effort. 

They are well versed and know all the things which are very important and which should not  be avoided are 

Speed – They are the best when it comes to providing the speed.

Uptime – They provide 99.99% uptime service.

Support – The best support they provide for solving all the obstacles which comes in your way. 

Technical capability – All the technology geeks are working with Inmotion, who no doubt will be having the best technical capability.

  • Conclusion

After accessing the aforementioned facts, the main point is clear that the company is providing the best services as well as solutions. Without wasting time, you guys can go with Inmotion and avail the best. For ranking your website high on the google or for increasing the speed or lowering the bounce rate, you can avail Inmotion’s services without any doubt.

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