Discount ZoneReviewTechnology News Review Review review – There are many online stores but PriyoShop is one with a difference. It is the place to be for all kinds of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids’ clothing, mobile gadgets, electronics, fashion items, beauty products, bikes, gifts, books, sports products, home, and living products. The expanding online market has been the 21st-century hallmark, everything from the tiniest of consumer goods to the grandeur real estates are available at the online platforms to buy instantly without bargaining. This trend has changed the definition of retail business with its huge market size and rapid growth. The Plethora of items making it possible for the consumers to satisfy each of their needs without making much effort to move from one place to another. Lots of people choose to conduct shopping online because of the convenience. But as luxuries brought ease to our lives they too cause much of the losses, as its been evident from the data that many customer buying from the online stores have a great experience not to forget that PriyoShop growing quickly due to this. 


User Interface

On Priyo Shop, it is very easy for a customer to locate items. This is made possible because all the items are carefully arranged and sorted on the website. You do not need to waste time before you get to see all the items that you want to purchase. The user interface of the website is really friendly for all visitors. 

Hot Deals

While writing review For all customers, there are several hot deals on offer and they are right there on the home page. From excellent magnet chains to electronic products to fashion items, Priyo Shop is always a platform for everyone to get real value for money

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Product Feature and Description

For each product, there is enough information on Priyo Shop. There are details on the type of product, the material it is made with, case material type where applicable, color, event that the product can be used for. There are even details on the gender that the product is ideal for. Hence, there is a lot of information for each product and this is very helpful for those who want to decide on which product to purchase. While writing review its very much supportive when we compare product feature with others site

Helpful Suggestions

Under each product, there are also details on other products that have been purchased by other clients. When users see the other related items that have been purchased, they can also decide to make selections based on the suggestions given by Priyo Shop. There is also another section that features the recently viewed products, this is also another way to assist the user in locating and deciding on the best products. 

Social Media Presence

Priyo Shop maintains a solid presence on several social media platforms. These are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, RSS, and GooglePlus. 

Favorable Purchase Terms

To ensure that customers get nothing but the very best, there are very customer-friendly terms on the website. For example, there is a seven-day easy return policy but that is not all. There is also a delivery service in a matter of a few days and calls can easily be made by telephone.

 Priyo Shop also has excellent delivery packages. For those who are located within Dhaka, their packages can reach them within just 2-3 business days and those outside Dhaka can get theirs in as quick as 5-7 days. Customized delivery plans can also be arranged with Priyo Shop. 

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Replacement is also not a problem as there is a replacement guarantee policy that is in place. If any of the products bought have defects or are different from the description, Priyo Shop will replace it for you at no extra cost. 

Ease of shopping at Any time: Priyo Shop has made it easier for us to buy 24/7 anything we want instead of waiting for the stores to be opened. 

Mental Satisfaction: In the huge range & variety of goods present at the store’s buyers have the opportunity at Priyo Shop to compare & contrast each product until it matches their desired product. 

Social Status: Buying online and Priyo Shop has become a new social symbol in recent years, people feel it be of something socially accepted behavior. 

Price Comparison: Customers buying on Priyo Shop have the opportunity to compare price list of different stores for similar products so that they can get the best package.  


There is no live chat feature on the website. Customers have to send emails or call on the phone which is relatively hectic. 

Addiction: The greatest disillusion of online shopping is the addictive behavior of shopping; people tend to shop more items even they don’t need them just for mental satisfaction as well as a social symbol that is due to the quality of service and products on Priyo Shop. 

Fraudulent Acts: When customer provide their bank or debit card details on one online platform it’s automatically stored in their online database irrespective of their consent, that information can be easily used b hackers to hack their debit cards and cause financial loss, but at Priyo Shop, they make use of latest technology to prevent fraud with an active customer support. 

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Quality Issues: The demand for the product has been increasing day by day has degraded product quality, online shoppers feel very discontent once their desired ordered product is of low quality but they have already paid a high amount and this could be an issue with Priyo Shop. 

Shipping Cost: Priyo Shop may have flummoxed terms of shipping for few items, although some most are offered with free shipping they have already covered shipping cost in the product price, while others put customers in a confusing situation where they are unable to judge that is paying more than it cost.   


Priyo Shop is a very good option for those who want a reliable platform that takes customer experience very seriously. It is highly recommended. Online shopping is a growing trend at a much faster rate, which is a good sign of a flourishing economy but as every business has pitfalls online retail business is not the exception. The only thing one can do is opt safer passages to online stores avoiding any risk of infringements in their data. We measure various segments while writing review.Hopefully, you might love the review

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