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SiteGround Hosting Review

If you are thinking that SiteGround is new in the hosting field then you are wrong, the company with great hosting solutions was founded in 2004 in Sofia, Bulgaria. SiteGround is working from then for providing the best and up to the point support to all its customers with the best pricing and coupons. Dedicated server hosting, Cloud Server Hosting as well as Linux are all the services offered by SiteGround Hosting. It is officially recommended by WordPress.org. Their visions and directions are for the benefits of the customers. 

They have developed special tools in the house for the WordPress users and those tools are amazing, you can read the reviews on their site. Offering the best competitive prices and cheap reseller hosting, they are best in their field. 

Pros of SiteGround

  • The services they offer are affordable
  • It offers free CDN services along with all the plans
  • manage your websites, server, billing, affiliate referrals all from the single platform.
  • It uses all Modern technology as well as the most reputable ones like SSDs, CDN, and PHP7
  • They are well versed in increasing the speed of the page.
  • The support system is very keen as well as fully knowledgeable in assisting.
  • When it comes to WordPress, the best features they have.
  • They offer all the customers the best competitive prices. 
  • They have the resources for the best performance of your site
  • They are the experts in making your site up to date so that the bounce-back rate gets lessened.
  • They have super support for the odd issues. 

Cons of SiteGround

  • It has higher renewal rates
  • FTP setup requires more steps
  • In remote locations, it has lower load speed
  • Sometimes they increase the prices
  • They don’t provide any malware detection tool

Services of SiteGround

There are all the excitingly supported services of SiteGround. They don’t provide Dime a Dozen services. Their services are highly backed up with full support from their experts. Not just one or two, they provide various services and their services are listed as under:

  • Web Hosting

In web hosting, SiteGround has three plans in total, they are stated and shown in the image as under:

  • Startup – It is at a special price of $3.95/month with one website as well as 10 GB Web Space.
  • Grow big –  It is at a special price of $5.95/month with unlimited websites as well as 20 GB Web Space.
  • Grow Geek – It is at a special price of $11.95/month with unlimited websites as well as 30 GB Web Space.

What they will offer?

Excellent security – They offer their customers free Let’s Encrypt SSL that is used for keeping your data safe as well as daily backups that ensure you are highly protected.

Fast and easy sites – All your systems are easily managed by them as well as hey offer static caching and a free CDN service to increase the speed of your website’s performance.

  • Reseller Hosting Program

They provide the best service  in the Reseller Hosting Program with lots of features such as:

  • It provides 4 server locations
  • It has cPanel & SSH  Access
  • It provides free daily backups
  • It provides a free email account
  • It provides unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unmetered data transfer
  • It also provides unlimited MySQL Data Bases
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
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They cover various benefits if you go with their reseller hosting program and the benefits are as under:

They provide you with the easy management of your hosting accounts.

They will provide you the best customer support and that also 24/7

They have extreme security if you go with their Reseller hosting program

They will provide you the best uptime of the website.

  • Managed Cloud Hosting

When you will opt for their cloud hosting services, you will see 4 different plans catering to different needs. They are as under:

Entry – In this, you will start on the cloud at $80.00 per month with 2 CPU cores, 4 GB memory, 40 GB SSD space and 5TB data transfer.

Business – In this, you will start on the cloud at $120.00 per month with 3 CPU cores, 6 GB memory, 60 GB SSD space and 5TB data transfer.

Business Plus – In this, you will start on the cloud at $160.00 per month with 4 CPU cores, 8 GB memory, 80 GB SSD space and 5TB data transfer.

Super Power – In this, you will start on the cloud at $240.00 per month with 8 CPU cores,10 GB memory, 120 GB SSD space and 5TB data transfer.


In dedicated hosting, you will get an option to select the location of data servers. You have three options to select from and they are US, EUROPE and ASIA PACIFIC. 

Again they are having three plans: Entry, Power server, Superpower server.

You can avail of the facility on 3 platforms: Magento, Joomla, and WordPress. All three serve different. 


If you will go with Enterprise hosting, they will provide you the highest level support. They provide reliable architecture with full management as well as the best and effective workflow.

They have two data centers: Chicago Data Center and Amsterdam Data Center.

Just get in touch with the SiteGround team for connecting.

  • Great Domain Names Services

They have an offer at a very low rate – you can register a domain name at just $15.95/year

There are three plans in this and they are as under:

    • StartUp – In this, you will start on the cloud at $3.95 per month with 1 website, 10 GB web space and this plan is suitable for 10,000 Visits Monthly
  • GrowBig – In this, you will start on the cloud at $5.95 per month with multiple websites, 20 GB web space and this plan is suitable for 25,000 Visits Monthly and all the essential, as well as premium features, are also included
  • GoGeek –  In this, you will start on the cloud at $11.95 per month with multiple websites, 30 GB web space and this plan is suitable for100,000 Visits Monthly and all the essential, premium and geeky advanced features are also included
  • Student Web Hosting

This is good to see that they have even Studentb Web Hosting service included in the plan, and under student web hosting they have two plans:

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Students Plan

Faculty Partnership

SiteGround Features to consider

The reason to select a specific company from the other companies is the features it has. To stand still in the competition, features are considered at the top. They are taken into account for selecting the best. While for all the customers, the good news is SiteGround has all the best features for those who are thinking to select them.

  • 99.9% Uptime Rate

We all don’t have the patience to wait too long for anything, whether it is a site or any other thing. Load time is the time which is the most irritating. The bounce rate of the website increases if the functioning is not proper or if the load time is more, this needs to be maintained with the utmost care and support. 

What’s best is SiteGround claims that it provides a 99.9% uptime rate and as per my perspective, this is the best thing which anyone will consider. Your online store will be working fine and that care will be taken completely by SiteGround.

  • Data centers of SiteGround

The data center location of SiteGround uses are as under:

  • Chicago, USA.
  • Iowa, USA.
  • London, UK.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Eemshaven, Netherlands.
  • Singapore, Singapore.

The above are the places of the servers where your website will be hosted. All the data centers are highly protected with the best security as well as the network connectivity is with the best speed you can go with. 

  • Free Data Migration Service 

If you have your site ready on any other platform and you want the same to be transferred to other, so this service is the best to avail. They provide free data migration services.

  • Staging tools

If you want to create the staging version of your live site to test the themes as well as the plugins, then this tool is very essential. It doesn’t affect your live site when you make the changes related to the design. 

  • Dev Toolkit 

It is used for more advanced WordPress devs and users.

  • Regular Backups

Whenever any power failure arises suddenly, you are saved as the company doesn’t offer the weekly or monthly backup, but is has the service of providing you the regular backup. Regular backup sounds very fruitful. You will be having quick access to all your files without ending up frustrating. You will just have to call the customer support and tell them that you need the backup. The backup facility differs as per the different plans. 

  • Speed and Performance

While going with the hosting company, the topmost factor which we all consider is its speed and performance. The speed and performance are interrelated with the growth and development of your business with the website’s performance. The topmost priority for SiteGround is speed and performance. They use NGINX web server technology for increasing the loading time speed for the content.

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For global loading time, they use CDN and HTTP/2 and the load time gets reduced.

HTTP/2 is the latest and trending protocol and the best part is SiteGround is using the same. 

Customer Support of SiteGround

Being a customer we consider the services as reliable only if we get the best support and SiteGround Support service is high-grade at offering prompt, effective, and proficient assistance to its customers.

You can avail of the support facility with their customer support which is 24/7 on the phone, live chat, and ticket-based email support. Their phone and live chat response times are almost instantaneous. Email’s get the first response within less than 10 minutes. The support is available in three languages, they are English, Spanish, Italian and you can select the language which suits you the best. They provide you all the solutions with the help of screenshots, videos, tutorials as well as guides. The team turns the table very quickly as well as resolves almost all the issues with very little difficulty. There are also tutorials to help the customers at its best. 

What do you think about siteGround? Is it the perfect web hosting company for you or not?

All the successful businessman recommend using this web hosting service. This is so far the best service providing and as the reviews suggest, this company proved best for all so it will also be the same in your case if you are finding the best hosting services. They are providing really good plans in the market which suits almost everyone approaching the hosting services. You will be availing of the best support as well as the best services so this will be the perfect company for you undoubtedly.

Customer Reviews of SiteGround

Reviews are what we need to get to know about the quality of services which you will get in turn from the hosting companies, companies are having reviews and rating based on the experiences of their customers, some have the bad ones while some have the good ones, it differs so the ratings also differ. But the best part I come to know is their ratings. They have the reviews and rating which will leave you to amaze. From the reviews, you will get to know that the services are very satisfying.

SiteGround Services


They provide continuous support to all its customers for hosting needs. It has really reliable services as well as it has the budget-friendly plans for all the customers. The best features to consider in the hosting companies are all with this company. When you consider a company providing the web hosting services, you will have to take a ride among a large number of companies available for hosting and then your choice will be definitely SiteGround. They know very well how to create your impact in this online competition. 

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