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Top 5 Reasons Why your Business Needs Printed-Brochures

In this digitally connected world where attention spans are short and everyone is a self-confessed online publisher, getting noticed and creating the right impression is a great achievement for any business. Having a great website, building a great brand name on social media platforms, and making yourself easily reachable to customers through online mode have turned as top priorities of businesses today. If you don’t have an online presence, you will be missing an essential slice of the marketing pie. However, let’s take a step back and remember our old friend — the print media. From print ads, brochure design to business cards and letterheads, the importance of print in this digital era should not be overlooked.

There are print media such as billboards which may be eye-catching, but sometimes customers want to have something that they can physically hold in their hand and take home to read at their own leisure time. This is when the power of the brochure comes in. They send a clear message that your business is entirely professional, trustworthy and committed to quality. Apart from including the information, it gives the freedom to choose a material and paper, and present the brand the way they want to their customers. Thicker pages and a high-quality card can make customers see a company value luxury and quality.

If you are running a business, you must know the importance of selling the products and services to the world. Though there are many ways to promote your products or services, if you are on a tight budget and want to get noticed in the competition, printed brochures are the most effective promotional element.

There are many reasons why you should use printed brochures; few of them are listed below:

1) Tell a Story: A printed brochure is just like a storybook. When a writer starts writing its new story, he/she follows a specific process. He really wants to attract the reader from the beginning and keep him engaged until the end of the book and an attractive ebook cover design created with the help of eBook creator tells the exact things. While printed brochures don’t have the same detail as a top-selling book, it is the idea that needs to reproduce. The layout of the pages should be kept in mind so that you can use it to tell your story and guide your customersthrough a brochure. Before deciding the brochure design, three things need to be taken into consideration: cover page, center page, and usage of space.

2) Get Creative: Customers like visuals and having a printed brochure can provide you the opportunity to get creative and make a visually attractive brochure. Designing your brochure in a fold out way can give you a lot of space to provide all the information you want to give to your customers. If you have a brochure in your mind and are looking for a designer to create an interactive brochure design, then Designhill should be the first stop where you get in contact with professional graphic designers from all over the world.

3) Cost-Effective: Printed brochures are more cost-effective than other print ads such as newspapers, magazines, radio, billboards, etc. With other print ads, you would have to share space with other company’s products and services which makes it difficult to catch the attention of the target audience. With brochure printing, you have control on what and how you want to put in your brochure to grab the attention of the audience. In addition, brochure printing has become budget-friendly because of the advancement in technology. Gone are the days when companies can afford only one or two colors in their brochures. Nowadays, you can easily get attractive, full of colors business brochures at an affordable cost.If you looking to minimize marketing cost then go with Facebook Ads Service

4) Kept for reference: A well designed and printed brochure can be used for reference at the later stage, unlike other marketing tools. For instance, you have given a presentation to a client, and at the end of the presentation, you gave him your company’s brochure. The chances are that the client might fold up that brochure and put it in the pocket. After a few hours on the way back to his office, he pulls out your brochure and spends some time reading it. One of the valuable aspects of the printed brochure is that it can’t be turned off like online ads. Having an attractive brochure design with useful information on it will definitely make your client bring back your brochure and keep it for future reference.

5) Create the personal touch: Printed brochures can help your business to create a personal touch with the target audience. Brochures highlight the features of the products or services. It provides an appropriate space to give more personal details to business, including a company’s goals and objectives. Basically, you can have one – to – one communication through a printed brochure. This personal touch gives a sense of trust between you and the target audience.


There is no doubt that the advancement of technology has made it a lot easier for businesses to reach out to the target audience worldwide. Businesses can connect with the customers through various marketing mediums.You can also promote your business by creating an attractive video brochure for your brand. where you can showcase your product more creatively.. But the printed brochures are still relevant that hold some salient information about the product and the company. Distributed at the end of the conference, meeting, seminar, etc., brochures can act as a silent salesperson for your company.

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